• 1. Are there any openings?
  • Answer Yes, Onboard Media is currently seeking to contract dedicated and ambitious Luxury Brand Promoters/Shopping Guides.
  • 2. What is the earning potential of a Luxury Brand Promoter?
  • Answer Your earning potential varies greatly depending on experience, ability and assigned ship.

    Starting range is equivalent to:

    • Marketing Manager
    • Retail Store Manager
    • Media Planner
    Senior Luxury Brand Promoters' salary range is equivalent to these land-based salaries:
    • Vice President, Sales and/or Marketing
    • Regional/State Director, Retail Operations
    • Group Account Director
    Ship assignment and earning potential is based on sales ability and track record, not tenure. Some of our highest-earning Luxury Brand Promoters have worked with us for less than a year.

  • 3. Do I need ship experience?
  • Answer Ship experience is not required.

    Many of the Luxury Brand Promoters we’ve contracted had no formal previous experience working on ships or in hotels. Regardless of your past experience, the best candidates for us to pursue are the ones who best demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude and strong work ethic.
  • 4. Will training be provided?
  • Answer Prior to joining a vessel you will attend an in-depth training session lasting approximately 9 days. All expenses are paid, including flights, accommodations, meals and training materials.

    No one comes close to matching Onboard Media’s training program. We provide you with all the necessary tools to turbocharge your career by learning how to capture the guest’s attention, create desire and make the sale. Your training doesn’t end just there — we provide continuous coaching and training for as long as you’re contracted with the company.
  • 5. Are there opportunities for growth?
  • Answer Onboard Media is a fast-growing company with many chances for advancement. Career development and advancement opportunities are discussed during regular meetings.
  • 6. What differentiates Onboard Media from its competitors?
  • Answer Onboard Media has been motivating and inspiring people to shop for over 25 years. Our incredible customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Working closely with our cruise line and retail partners, we help create endless special moments for cruise ship guests. As one of the many dynamic companies that make up the world-renowned LVMH (Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton) group, we have an outstanding staff, quality products and superior management.

    As part of our dedication to providing guests with the best experience possible, we take great pride in providing our Luxury Brand Promoters with exceptional training and development. Learn first-hand from a team of successful Luxury Brand Promoters. They have a wealth of personal experiences and are eager to empower you to exceed your professional goals. And through Onboard Media’s unrivaled commission structure, our Luxury Brand Promoters enjoy unlimited earning potential.
  • 7. What is your couples’ policy?
  • Answer Couples are welcome to submit applications for joint placement. Take advantage of this rare chance to share the adventure of a lifetime with the one you love.

    At the time of submitting your application, your cover letter must mention your intention to complete a contract as a couple. All applications for couples must include resumes and completed profiles for each candidate, along with a video audition featuring the primary candidate and introducing the partner.

    If you are offered a contract as a single Luxury Brand Promoter and later decide to continue a contract with a partner, requests are addressed on a case-by-case basis, (some restrictions apply).
  • 8. Who pays for flights?
  • Answer Onboard Media coordinates and pays for all arrangements to join your ship and return home, including flights and hotels.
  • 9. What is your standard contract length?
  • Answer Six continuous months followed by four weeks of vacation.
  • 10. What medical benefits do you offer?
  • Answer Onboard Media is pleased to confirm that you are entitled to medical care, sickness and injury benefits while stationed on any of our vessels. However, benefits are not extended when you are not on a ship and any additional desired coverage would be an out-of-pocket expense. There are certain restrictions regarding the services which are outlined in your ship contracts.
  • 11. What should I expect if I’m invited to attend training?
  • Answer Candidates who are invited to attend training will receive specific information outlining all necessary preparations. In addition, you will be sent copies of all your contracts. Carefully review each one to familiarize yourself with the terms prior to attending the training. Compensation information is contained in the contract and will be discussed in detail after the contract is signed and notarized.
  • 12. How are taxes handled?
  • Answer Luxury Brand Promoters are contracted as Independent Contractors (IC’s). As such, you are not considered an employee of Onboard Media or the cruise lines and taxes will not be withheld from your pay. You will remain responsible for paying all necessary taxes.
  • 13. Do I need a passport/visa?
  • Answer All candidates must have a valid passport from their country of citizenship.

    C1/D visas are required, unless you’re a citizen of the United States or Canada. All costs for obtaining the visa will be reimbursed by Onboard Media, and we’ll provide you with all the necessary documentation.
  • 14. What do I need to travel on a ship?
  • Answer Candidates who are invited to attend training will need to obtain the following:
    • Current valid passport
    • C1/D visa (only if you are non U.S. or Non Canadian – costs are reimbursed by Onboard Media)
    • Medical report (marked “Fit For Duty”)