Language Skills Shopping Guides must speak fluent English. Additional languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Norwegian, etc., are advantageous when servicing our international guests onboard. Medical To travel on ships as a Shopping Guide, you will need a medical report completed by a doctor, using a specific form supplied by Onboard Media. Medicals generally take 2 weeks to acquire, and the Shopping Guide is responsible for the costs. The examination will include a physical examination, urine test, blood test, chest X-ray, proof of vaccinations for MMR, pregnancy test for females, and you must provide a copy of a dental fitness certificate (printed on the dentist’s letterhead); issued from a registered dentist and within 6 months of your appointment. Travel Documents To travel on ships as a Shopping Guide, you will need:
* Current Passport
* All Non U.S. and Non Canadians require a current C1/D Visa.
* These documents are only required if Onboard Media has extended an invitation to training.