Q & A

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Q. Are there any openings?
A. Onboard Media is currently looking to contract Shopping Guides.
Q. How many onboard staff does the company currently contract?
A. Over 60
Q. What differentiates OBM from your competitors?
A. OBM takes pride in exceptional training and development. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business, to our cruise line and retail partners and the cruise ship guests. OBM has outstanding staff, quality products and superior management to run the operation.
Q. Do I need a passport/visa?
A. Yes, you must have a valid passport from your country of citizenship. You must also obtain a Seamans C1/D Visa. This visa is not required for U.S. Citizens or Canadian nationals. The company will provide all documentation necessary for you to apply for your visa.
Q. What is the standard contract length?
A. Six continuous months followed by four weeks of vacation.
Q. How do I get onboard?
A. You can complete the online inquiry form and audition requirements by clicking Apply Now
Q. Do I need ship experience?
A. While we generally contract candidates with either formal qualifications or ship/hotel experience, we also contract individuals with no ship experience, who demonstrate the right attitude, enthusiasm and strong work ethic!
Q. Is there a training program?
A. Yes. Before you join a vessel, you will attend an in-depth training session approximately 5 - 7 days in length.
Q. Is there advancement potential?
A. Yes. OBM is a fast-growing company with many opportunities for advancement.
Regular meetings are held to discuss your career development and advancement opportunities.